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The Tulip was discovered in Central Asia and was first produced by the Turks. From here the flower migrated to places like Europe and Holland.

After the introduction of tulips in the early 1600′s, farmers started to produce and trade tulips for lots of money. From here new species were formed and Holland and the Netherlands slowly became the largest producer of tulip bulbs in the world.

The tulip inherited its name from the Turkish head ware whose shape resembles the flower and is more commonly known as the turban.

The Tulip is the National flower of Turkey.

A tulip is used to symbolize the perfect couple in addition to love.

The life span of a tulip averages 3-7 days.

Deer and other small rodents love to eat tulips.

It was recently discovered that tulips with frilly edges and the flame look was due to a disease from a louse found living in potatoes and peaches. Today this hybrid is very popular.


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