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Making of “Against the Wall”

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The general idea about my little short story/video is well… it’s something that I leave for you, the reader to decide. Some of the general idea behind the story came from memory fragments. Most of my ideas came from my imagination. I tried to be as descriptive as possible. The general purpose, I really wanted to connect to my readers/viewers with this story.

The actual video was a mash-up of 3 music videos: Tonight by Enrique Iglesias, Love in the Club by Usher, and Dj Got Us Fallin’ in Love by Usher. I had originally intended to add additional footage from the C’mon (Catch ‘em by Suprise) video by Tiesto, Diplo, and Busta Rhymes, but the footage from that video did not feel relevant.

I placed a lot of symbolism in this storage. For the mysterious elusive female character is loosely based of several different girls that I’ve encountered over the last couple of years. Well, maybe girls isn’t the right word to describe these ladies… that’s definitely more suitable *Ahem* ladies. I had originally made her with auburn hair, but decided that the hair color would have blended in with the red dress so I made her a brunette. The decision to change the hair to black and curly and the dance scene was inspired by this lady I danced with at a Halloween party (no I didn’t make out with her, but I wish I did). Some of the conversation that the main character had with this woman was loosely based off a conversation I had when I took a trip to JMU. The conversation was much longer and she really made me dig deep.

The crowd was really there to provide a distraction for the protagonist of the story. The crowd’s main purpose was to provide an obstacle that the main character had to overcome. Another thing that I wanted to include in this story is a little bit of the internal battle we all have to face when we’re outside of our comfort zone.

I used to write a lot of creative work. I really enjoyed writing this story and I’m probably going to do something like this again. If you liked this, or have some crits, leave it in the comments below.

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