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Setting up the site

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I was able to purchase everything that I needed to set up my site, but for some reason I have been having trouble making the posts that I was typing out appear on the site. Trying to figure out what was wrong it the settings probably ended up doing more than good, but after all that messing around with it, I think I’ve got it figured out now. I may have been posting something to the wrong place, I don’t know. It was confusing and I’m not really sure what was wrong. It told me stuff was publishing but it wasn’t, now I’ve had to do a bunch of copying but I think it’ll work. Everything should be finally showing up. Beyond that I seem to have come to understand embedding using html codes, now, which is really useful, although I found embedding the GIF not to be hard at all. Making the post show up on the other hand… Heh. Anyway seems to be up and running now, and hopefully I won’t hit any other roadblocks along the way.

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