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Storytelling and safety

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From this article, I learned that the act of anonymously telling stories about near-miss incidents in the field has worked to try to make safer situations for firefighters. Storytelling is an effective way of information; we take a lot from it. In the case of these firefighters, they are giving information about their experience, which can be extremely valuable to others in the field. Ultimately, it can save lives, which is hugely important. Moreover the site that they created is an excellent example of how effective the internet can be at distributing these messages.
I thought it was interesting that they got their inspiration from the airlines. Despite the seemingly endless regulation we have to endure these days, it seems air travel is still considered one of the safer ways to travel. I could definitely see the plethora of experiences that those working in the field could contribute as being a key reason that security is (for the most part) so effective. If this effectiveness could be achieved elsewhere by other groups like policemen, ambulance crews, and as it has here firefighters, it would definitely be worth pursuing.

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