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Here is my first “Submit and Assignment” assignment that I’ve done! I decided to do the playlist story assignment first, because it seemed like a lot of fun. I’m really intrigued by how there’s the potential for so much creativity in assignments like this, even as your creativity is so restrained — you can’t use words that aren’t whole song titles.

I started by copying most of the titles that seemed like they could be useful in telling a story into a special playlist. That totaled 190 songs. From those I began picking and choosing, and slowly a story formed. I had only a vague idea of what sort of story I had in mind; aside from a girl being involved, I wasn’t sure of any of the details. I’m actually fairly pleased with what I ended up creating. It’s considerably darker than I would have originally planned, perhaps excessively so. Nonetheless, it strikes me as pretty cool, and I’d like to work with this medium again.

And here’s the version with the artists and time included, in case people are curious:


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