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  1. David Noel

    Revisiting A Favorite Assignment

    After being called out on Twitter by Jim Groom, I decided to blow off the massive amounts of serious work I have to do, and revisit my ds106 roots. I’m not going to promise a sudden flood of thesis updates; I’m not going to try and shoehorn other work into the ds106 mold. But I’m ...
  2. David Noel

    Better late than never

    So, yeah – that update didn’t happen. I wrote it out, but never finished it, and it didn’t get posted. So let’s try this again. What I’m studying this semester is Anglo-Saxon women’s place in the law. The primary period that I’ll be talking about is between about 600 and 1066 AD/CE. (The AD and ...
  3. David Noel

    A New Beginning?

    I haven’t used this blog in quite awhile – and yet, I’m still paying for the hosting. That seems like a waste of money, so I’m gonna fix that. The truth is, though, that I kind of miss blogging – it’s been nice to not to have to worry about it, but I really like ...
  4. David Noel

    Final Project Final Post

    So, here it is at long last: the final post on my final project. The end result is a lot different from what I originally intended. I really did just bite off a whole lot more than I could chew – the story I wanted to tell, in the way I wanted to tell it, ...
  5. David Noel

    A Short Letter of Advice

    Dear Future Ds1064lifer, So, you’ve signed up for ds106. Maybe you need to fulfill the gen ed requirement, maybe Jim Groom threatened your family, maybe you even you heard it was a lot of fun from someone else. If you haven’t heard Jim Groom’s rather frightening spiel about how this class will make you crazy ...
  6. David Noel

    Mr. Watsonbeck (Fandom Assignment)

    Alright, I’m willing to admit what you all have known since day 1: I am a sick, sick, individual. And this fandom assignment is the proof of it. It’s even worse than that Einstein video I posted way back when. Warning: If you’re a Glenn Beck or Kei$ha fan, this post may offend you. If ...
  7. David Noel


    Here, at long last, is my much-belated mashup! For my mashup, I chose to put together a couple of clips from the Coronet instructional film collection on the Prelinger archives on I initially just had a vague idea of doing something funny – putting together some of their hilariously unintentional, but inappropriate, comments into ...
  8. David Noel

    Final Project Update

    So, I admit it: I’ve really been slacking as far as this final project goes, particularly in the “keep Jim Groom and the other two readers informed” area. But better late than never, I guess. Unfortunately, this is as much an update about what I have not done/will not be able to get done, as ...
  9. David Noel

    Video Assignment

    Well, Jim Groom was right – this video assignment was really tough. I decided to make a video essay on the film Memento. I watched it over the weekend, and on Monday I spent about two hours on one of the Macs in du Pont to take out all the clips that I wanted. (Of ...
  10. David Noel

    Web Assignment #1, Or Where Have You Guys Been?

    I was shocked to discover that there have been no web assignments submitted so far. I’m pretty sure they count for the submit-assignments assignment for the second half of the semester — and I’m gonna be mad if it doesn’t! — so I decided to get us started. My idea was to tell a story ...
  11. David Noel

    On the Zombie Outbreak and the Fredneck Flu

    I wanted to do a fairly simple website for this web assignment. Since I’d suggested Craigslist in class I wanted to do something different, and the simplest website I could think of that wasn’t Craigslist that had a lot of content and would be easily editable was the Drudge Report. For those who are unfamiliar ...
  12. David Noel

    Webbly Drudgery

    I skipped the last third or so of class last night, so I didn’t finish hearing everything about the Web Storytelling assignment, or what we’re supposed to do for it before Thursday. (I’ll clarify then.) But here’s my idea so far – please tell me if it sounds like I don’t know what we’re supposed ...
  13. David Noel

    A Distributed Story Proposal

    This is my (Very belated) final project proposal. The basic concept is quite simple: I’m going to tell a story, but a dispersed, distributed story.   Conceptually, I’m going to tell this story using multiple platforms – blogs, image and media hosting sites, probably social networking sites – and using multiple forms of media, from ...
  14. David Noel

    This is Vault Radio….Commercial Time

    Our group first met Monday evening. The first, and only serious, idea that we had was of a half hour show consisting entirely of humorous or odd fake commercials. We decided to each make one commercial by Wednesday night. Brandon Robenson made an ad for an energy drink, Kelsey Conway made a commercial for a ...
  15. David Noel

    You Guys/Girls Are Cool

    The  first big section of the class — the Visual/Design section — is over. I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a recap of what’s been going on. (And not just because I was told to, either!) This period covered both the DailyShoots, plus the Visual and Design assignments that we ...
  16. David Noel

    And so am I (I think)

    Now, it’s time to recap my own work for the last couple of weeks. I started off the DailyShoots pretty strong, I thought, but there were lots of ups and downs. Some of it didn’t turn out quite like I wanted, while others were just sort of crappy “I’m going to do this at the ...
  17. David Noel

    My Heart Stops (The Big Hip Hop Design Project)

    After a rather unsuccessful attempt at making a minimalist movie poster — if I finish it, I’ll definitely post it anyway — I decided to do a different design assignment. I started by just looking through all the pictures the Big Picture  had. I found a couple that I liked, but when I saw this ...
  18. David Noel

    How to Get Flickr Notifications for Comments

    Today in class there was a question about how to change your flickr settings so that you would get emails when people commented on your picture. I had this set up by default, but it’s actually quite easy to change. I’ve taken screenshots, so you can follow the steps below, always highlighting what you need ...
  19. David Noel

    By the Way….

    Here is my first “Submit and Assignment” assignment that I’ve done! I decided to do the playlist story assignment first, because it seemed like a lot of fun. I’m really intrigued by how there’s the potential for so much creativity in assignments like this, even as your creativity is so restrained — you can’t use ...
  20. David Noel

    A Week of DailyShoots

    The first week of DailyShoots is over! All of the pictures that I uploaded, either because I used them for the DailyShoot or just because I thought they were cool, can be seen on my flickr. I actually had quite a bit of fun with this. I was expecting it to be just a sort ...
  21. David Noel

    Opposite Day!

    For yesterday’s DailyShoot, I went abstract with the assignment. Today, I decided to do something different: take the assignment as literally as I could. For today, the assignment was “Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.” So that’s what I did, but not in the way it looks like everyone else ...
  22. David Noel

    Watching Repetition

    Today was the first day of our DailyShoot assignment, so I thought I’d talk about it a bit. I probably won’t do this for every single day, but I’ll probably periodically talk about what we’re working on, especially if I take a picture that I think is rather cool. The Dailyshoot assignment for today was ...
  23. David Noel


    I’ve never thought about web 2.0 before. Well, I have. But not really — just in a general, “Oh yeah, I know what that is, I think,” sort of way, or even more commonly, “Lol. So that’s the new buzzword people are using to make their site sound cool.” It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with ...
  24. David Noel

    Construction continutes (Testing….)

    I set up Akismet and a subscribe comments plugin because, well, we were told to, and it seemed reasonable. Next, I added the Twitter Tools plugin; I don’t really use Twitter, but this seemed like a good idea — if I’m going to have a twitter and a blog, I might as well connect them. ...
  25. David Noel


    Deliberately Snarky is finally up and running! (I actually got it working a few days ago, but I haven’t had time to try and play around with it much in the meantime) I’ll begin actually blogging shortly; this post is …

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