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Week 5: Breakdown

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This email was sent you to all students officially registered, but some of the details are useful to everyone, so here you go.

I have a number of things to cover in this announcement, and I will start with the current assignment first.

Daily Shoot
We still have six days of the daily shoot left, and here are some reminders/pointers to make the project go more smoothly.

  • All Daily Shoot photos you submit must be Creative Commons (read more about the licenses here (, and I will talk more about them tomorrow in class, which will be recorded for everyone.
  • This seems apparent, but I have to repeat it: daily shoots are your own photos taken on a daily basis that you submit to flickr and tweet out regularly. That is the assignment. No old photos, and most definitely not some one else’s photos. If you aren’t doing your photos regularly, that is two weeks of assignments down the drain. Period.
  • Once you have made your photos creative commons (which should be immediately) join in the 5 Card Flickr Story (, and post your story to your blog. Tag this assignment “5card” (no quotes).
  • Don’t forget to tag, it is essential!
  • Also, a few of you have not played with Flickr plugins yet…why?

Design assignments
This week we will be talking about both the visual and design. And as a way to cut your teeth on design, I would like each of you to experiment with at least one of the visual and one of the design assignments listed here ( and here ( respectively (and yes, that is two assignments, not one!). Keep in mind that if you don’t like any of the submitted assignments, then you can submit your own here ( and do it yourself. I would like to see these both done this week—if you have already done an optional assignment, greta, you ar eahead of the game. You can do another, or simply lord it over your classmates on Twitter..

Note: Be sure to tag these assignments properly. Each assignment has two tags associated with it, for example visualassignments visualassignments45. You need to add both of these tags to your posts when you publish the assignment.

Finally, a couple of miscellaneous points:

  • Download the open source audio editing application Audacity ( in preparation for the audio component of this class. The sooner you start playing with it the better. Also, here is a great tutorial via out own Andy Rush:
  • Be sure to update your profiles on with your Flickr URLs, as well as filling in any other information that may be incomplete. This is high priority, I’ve been searching for far too many Flickr URLs this week, i want that to stop now. If you don’t remember your password for, well then request a new one at the site by email.
  • Finally, I have a recording of last Thursday’s class discussion And I hope to record every relevant class from here on out. You can find class audio here from our speakers as well as regular class discussion:’s it for now, and I’m sure this will tie you over for a bit. And if you are having issues, questions, or problems, it is your responsibility to let me know as soon as possible. Don’t let your work languish as a result of any technical or clarification issue. Take the time to take ownership of your process.

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