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Final Thoughts about The Final Project

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Well these aren’t exactly final thoughts about the final project, but I’ve decided to post all posts relating to the final project Final Thoughts About the Final Project. The title sounded kind of catchy.

So what am I doing for a final project? You ask, well that’s a good question. I was looking into the idea of video blogging and then the idea hit me: My Life as a Reality TV Show. So my final project will be to make video blogs about pretty much anything that occurs on the regular. This series will be uncut, unedited, and unscripted–100% RAW baby!

The idea really came from watching a lot of YouTube celebrities like Shane Dawson and iJustine and I thought doing something like that might be interesting. The added bonus, is that my Droid makes it easier for me to record videos on the go and upload them at my convenience.

Check out my YouTube channel for all future developments on this topic.

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