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Playlist Story

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So some of you guys might find this hilarious, some of you might find this pretty f***ed up, but this is what happens when you have some free time on your hands, feeling bored with a hint of lonely, and a lot of party music.

Playlists can tell stories too...

Here goes…

Last night i was In da Club, Tippin in da Club when I bumped into Driunk Girls in the Club who were flailin their arms widly and slurring their talk. I was instantly frozen by Pretty Brown eyes and I realized that I Can’t Dance so I was hoping to catch her by suprise tell her “C’mon, Back to the Crib and Have a Baby By Me. I’ll make you Sweat.” Then I Get Up cos she wasn’t worth my time. So now I’m Ridin’ Solo. The Club Can’t Handle Me.

Weird? I know. Doesn’t make sense? I wasn’t really thinking when I made this.. lol?

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