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American Life “Switched at Birth”

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I listened to the story “Switched at Birth” from American Life radio international.  As I first started listening to this story I was really not interested and the introduction did not grab my attention at all.  The characters voices one was way too “movie style voiced” and the other was crying and tearing up so I could not understand her.  What kept me listening though was the anecdote.  The sequence of events of this mother telling her daughters they were switched at birth kept me listening to see what was going to happen next to the daughters.  Throughout the story they do a great job of leading one event to another.  The music was very slow and minimal which I believe went well with the story because it was more of a sad story.  The story as a whole was definitely a great find and very interesting.  What I would criticize on the most is the interviewees.  This story is very interesting but the interviewees make it very confusing and uninteresting to me.  There were very distinct characters with a clear problem and constantly raising questions.  The details that the interviewees were giving to me thought seemed lacking and very hard to follow and understand.  Telling the story though listening to details like how one was very thin and brown haired while the other was a blond cheerleader while the rest of the family had glasses kept me interested to see how the girls acted.  I believe overall the story was a very good fine but your interviewees almost make a good story uninteresting.  The sequence of events is what kept me listening and is what I believe made this a good story.  You kept wanting to hear the end.

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