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I thought that the Radio book was a pretty interesting read. I found the information which it was able to provide about their process for storytelling, from first finding the stories and weeding out the ones that are great that they want to tell, to creating the final product of that story. As someone who definitely has a hard time picking what I want to say and finding a story that I feel would be compelling to other people, I understand the hurtles they talk about when it comes to finding that special story. While they are always willing to abandon the crap, however and let go, they are able to find that one little spark in the midst of a story that keeps it alive. It seems that for them, this spark, often connected to the emotionality of the people to whom the story primarily belongs, is what they need to tell their story more than they need events that sound interesting on paper.

I didn’t really know what to make of the format of “Radio” at first. Undoubtedly shocking to some, I never read a single comic book growing up or had any exposure to graphic novel of any kind. When I first flipped through the pages I was tempted to hold it at arm’s length but after exploring it and sinking my teeth into it I found it to be a very comfortable format in which to read. I have always been appreciative of information coming to me in an organized fashion so that I have a clear representation in my head. I appeal to bulleted notes and organization in my note taking so that I can clearly separate different points in my head and pick them out easily. I still consider this to be in stark contrast to block paragraph form of notes, which is not structured as helpfully. When reading this I found the information to be organized quite intuitively. It’s as if each block of text served as one of my bulleted points in my notes. The rapport of the narrating characters was also something to latch onto that is normally not present in normal text.

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