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Troll Quotes

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So this Troll Quotes may need some explaining:

The picture is from the movie “Hell Ride” some crazy Tarentino film about two rival Motorcycle Clubs. In this picture you see the late Dennis Hopper on a classic Indian Co. Motorcyle. I’m not sure what model this is but in the movie its from 1976 although the company went out of business before then.

The Caption is a line from “Easy Rider” which is a classic film about a symbolic motorcycle trip which represents life as a whole. I think this line was from Jack Nickelson’s character “George Hanson” who was an eccentric drunkard lawyer that the two main characters meet in jail. Coincidently, Dennis Hopper was one of the two main characters in this film.

The quote is attributed the Jax Teller, a character on the FX show “Sons of Anarchy” which is a show about a gun running motorcycle gang in California. Its essentially a soap opera for motorcycle enthusiasts and in no way represents anyone I know who rides. Regardless Jax is the young, skull cracking, big picture seeing, Vice President of the club.

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