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  1. calvinjb

    Digital Motorcycle Ride

    This project has been fun and tortures. Admittedly, most of it I enjoyed because I got to ride the motorcycle around for class work, what can be bad about that. Additionally this is my favorite ride to go one, which is why I used it for the project. The challenges started with mounting a camera ...
  2. calvinjb

    Lessons Learned: DS106

    Digital Story Telling was much more challenging that I had expected in the beginning. However, unlike most classes there was a since of gratification that came with finishing each project. Additionally, each assignment produced a product that I know others may enjoy… unlike my papers on Afghanistan local politics or the social and political goals ...
  3. calvinjb

    Finding Terra Firma in The Mud

    Everyone has seen the pile of leaves on the side of the road. It rises from the edge of pavement to the top of the shoulder, sometimes a few feet above the tarmac. This area seems solid. Its logical, if a space appears even or to rise then it should be firm especially when there ...
  4. calvinjb

    Washington Rochambeau (Finial Project Practice)

    I decided to hit the road (Washington Rochambeau road to be precise) to get some practice with my Digital Story Telling project. The project is to tell the story of the Washington Rochambeau route with the motorcyclist point of view in mind. This is part of a larger project I am calling the “Hundred Holy ...
  5. calvinjb

    666 C.C. Psycho Symphony

    Hell Ride Narration Linked HERE if Quicktime doesn’t launch correctly. This is my Narration of  “Hell Ride.” The audio sucks because the microphone I purchased wouldn’t sync up with my computer so I had to use the terrible OEM one that came with the Compaq. The video pixilated when I converted it into a MPEG4 ...
  6. calvinjb

    Zombies Exist!!!

    To all those who laugh at us zombie enthusiast please be aware that now a “zombie” fungus has been found. This fungus takes over the host’s brain and controls the body. Please tune into WSOZ on DS106 radio to hear what is going to be on the radio in the coming years. To read more about this zombie disease please click ...
  7. calvinjb

    Troll Quotes

    So this Troll Quotes may need some explaining: The picture is from the movie “Hell Ride” some crazy Tarentino film about two rival Motorcycle Clubs. In this picture you see the late Dennis Hopper on a classic Indian Co. Motorcyle. I’m not sure what model this is but in the movie its from 1976 although ...
  8. calvinjb

    Radio Edit

    My girlfriend just texted me; “its heaven outside!” And it is. Finally a nice day. I rode my Harley out to Sheetz to get a redbull, it was as far as I could ride and still get back to campus in time to read “Radio” for my digital Story telling class. This little book is ...
  9. calvinjb

    The Big Caption

    My “Big Picture” assignment. I have a particular love for this helicoper more than a disdain for Mrs. Palin. The helicopter here is a Russian made MI-8 which I flew in while working in Afghanistan. I was fortunate enough to log nearly 1300 hours as a passenger. After some rapport building vodka and smokes my Ukrainian pilots trained me on how ...
  10. calvinjb

    Digital Confusion

    So I’m at a complete loss for a finial project idea. I like motorcycles, and I’ve recently purchased a video editing program (something I feel I will need in the future anyway.) How to marry these two together for a sufficient enough project still eludes me. I’ve been able to think of a few interesting ...
  11. calvinjb

    “Engineer Up”

    It was hot, 130 degrees hot, and it was the day 3/25 Lima Company launched our kinetic battle in al Anbar, Iraq. My squad had been staged on sun bleached sand dunes for hours feeling the shock wave of bombs dropping on the nearby city of insurgents. The only thing more powerful than the bombs ...

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