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Lessons Learned: DS106

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Digital Story Telling was much more challenging that I had expected in the beginning. However, unlike most classes there was a since of gratification that came with finishing each project. Additionally, each assignment produced a product that I know others may enjoy… unlike my papers on Afghanistan local politics or the social and political goals of Muqtada al-Sadr. I’m not sure that I’m that proud of any of my projects. Each one was a learning experience, as I had never done any of this stuff before, so they weren’t produced with the full skill set required.

I am happy with the video making process. In fact I plan on continuing to create videos and google maps of my favorite roads to ride the bike on.

What I like most about this class is that it caused me to look at the internet a whole new way. Rather than just a source of documents for class research, and a virtual shopping market, I now see the internet as an “advisor.” When I was thinking of getting a new exhaust for my motorcycle, I found GBs of information on them including graphs and charts to compare and contrast performance gains. When I wanted to know what they sounded like, I could go to Youtube and listen to them. Want to change the oil myself rather than spend $100, watch a video… its great. Since this class started I have become a member of every Harley Davidson ® forum which has led to new friends that I ride with in real life. As for my final project read, Digital Motorcycle Ride.

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