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Fav Design ( of my own)

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I enjoyed these last two weeks of assignments.  This is the first time I’ve done a lot of these things, especially online.  It’s neat to play around with everything, and figure out how to do the debugging and stuff like that.

Prob my fav two assignments (of my own) were the Playlist Story I created (, and two of my daily shoots:
The Ring – ( and Gus Gus – (

The playlist was cool because I had never really thought of doing it before, and it was so easy. It was amazing to me how quickly it came together. I just used the lil search box in itunes to find keywords, and then drug and dropped into a new playlist. Very cool. I want to experiment wit this and try to make a card.

The picture of ” The Ring” is prob my fav, just because of what it is. We’re both still very excited about it, and it’s need how a few words (and a rock) can bring you closer to someone who you have already shared so much with. She loves her ring! And I love seeing her eyes when she looks at it and smiles!

The picture of Gus Gus it just cute. Unfortunately we don’t have as much time as we used to to play with them. But when we do get the opportunity, we always enjoy them. BTW…Gus Gus has a twin brother named Jack Jack. He’s a lil bit skinnier than Gus Gus tho.

I’m hope our assignments over the next few weeks are as enjoyable as these have been, and hope I can figure everything out ok without too much hassle.

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