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  1. MG79MkIV


    Fun assignment! I decided to give photshop another shot, since I still have a free trial. I am a HUGE fan of the Geico Gecko. I think most people are. I am also, obviously, a HUGE fan of the little … Continue reading
  2. MG79MkIV

    Favorite MashUps

    I spent some time looking at some mashups over the last week or so. One of my favorites is the example that Jim put on the asssignmnet post ( I love how the author/creator incorporated so many different elements, and … Continue reading
  3. MG79MkIV

    Audio Assignmnet

    This assignment was awesome!  I found all my sound bites from and Both of these sites had hundreds of free sounds to download. I save all the sounds I wanted into a folder on my desktop, then opened … Continue reading
  4. MG79MkIV

    Fav Sound Story

    So, I just saw AshleyMegan’s sound story.  If you haven’t listened to it, you should.  It’s great.  (  Not at all what I expected when it first started playing.   I started out all quite and peaceful. And then……. Hilarious. … Continue reading
  5. MG79MkIV

    Five Card Flickr

    Five Card Story: A day of Service a Five Card Flickr story created by MG79MkIV flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by D’Arcy Norman flickr photo by cogdogblog flickr photo by cogdogblog flickr photo by hummingcrow I woke up early … Continue reading
  6. MG79MkIV

    Daily Shoots

    I’m really liking this daily shoots assignment. Its fun, easy, and entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed photography, but never have the time, or make the time to do any. This is a cool way to kinda get back into it. I’m … Continue reading

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