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Stripping the Doors

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As my second post for my ongoing project, here’s a short pictorial walk through of how to strip the door panels off a car. These are some pics of the doors on my 79 MG. While the door panels are different on most cars, especially, new cars, a lot of this can be applied to other models. The window regulators for instance, all work the same. If you have wind-up windows, this is what they look like inside the door.

2010-12-12 10.09.22
2010-12-12 10.11.26
2010-12-12 10.11.36
2010-12-12 10.13.04
2010-12-12 10.16.29
2010-12-12 10.17.13
2010-12-12 10.21.29
2010-12-12 10.21.39
2010-12-12 10.33.58
2010-12-12 10.55.56
2010-12-12 11.32.19
2010-12-12 11.40.22

This series of pics took about 2-3 hours worth of work. Actually pulling then vinyl panel only takes 5 minutes, but stripping the rest of the door can be quite tedious. After I get the car painted, I will be replacing all the interior with Black Vinyl. I think this will add a lot to the appearance of the car, though it will be hot on the legs during the summer.

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