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On Going Story

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So, I’ve been thinking about my on going story for DS 106, and I think I finally got some ideas together.  What I’d like to do is, over the next several weeks, write a series of how to’s for working on LBC’s ( Lil British Cars).  Over the last two years, I’ve accomplished so many things on my car, and I’d like to put together some of my experiences so others may be able to learn from me.

Much of this stuff will not just apply to LBCs, but to any kind of car really.  For instance, next week, I think I’ll begin with a picture tutorial of how to clean, de rust, prep, and paint a set of rims.  I will draw off one of our first assignments, in which I posted some pics of my rims.  But for this,  I plan to post more pics, and a much more detailed list, walking trough step by step, what I did, how I did it, what I learned, which products I used, etc.

I plan to post one detailed “how to” per week.  I have not set each weeks topic in stone yet, but some other ideas I have include: disassembling a door panel, removing the bumpers, removing a wiring harness, removing the dash, and converting from rubber bumpers to chrome bumpers.

I hope by sharing my experiences, others may not only gain from my knowledge, but also learn from some of the many mistakes I’ve made.  Perhaps, some might even feel a lil adventurist and decide to pick up their own lil project…..  (hopefully an MG!)

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