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Stripping the Body Paint

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I decided to post this as the first of my Ongoing Project posts.  In the gallery below are some pics of my MG, before and after I started stripping the paint off the body.   I’ve attached comments to each photo to explain what your seeing.
This is a long, painful (mentally and physically) process, but the end result will be well worth the work.  By stripping all the paint off to the bare metal, I can see all the areas that need repaired.   Had I just chosen to paint over the existing paint, these flaws would have come out in the fresh paint job.
It goes back to the old saying I guess, ” Do it right, do it light; Do it wrong, do it long.”


2010-12-12 09.12.01
2010-12-12 09.16.03
2010-12-12 09.19.54
2011-02-07 20.32.33
2011-03-01 12.23.58
2011-03-01 12.24.04
2011-03-01 12.24.13
2011-03-01 12.24.24
2011-03-01 12.24.27
2011-03-01 12.24.33
2011-03-06 17.34.15
2011-03-06 17.34.22
2011-03-06 17.34.50
2011-03-06 17.39.10
2011-03-06 17.39.21
2011-03-06 17.39.38
2011-03-06 17.39.52
2011-03-06 17.40.01

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