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“6:29 Friday 4/9, 31 minutes to air”

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I actually watched the four-part series before reading RADIO, so I thought RADIO has a slow start, because it was just repeating everything I had just heard. However, once it started getting to the parts about the tape, making it, community involvement, and having it go public, the reading picked up. It seems so stressful, but me being a person who procrastinates, it’s probably the type of environment I’d get the most work done in, because I would know everything’s depending on those last few seconds. I didn’t mind the format, I felt like they did a decent job explaining what goes on behind the scenes of making radio, through a story, which is what they’re all about. I thought it was interesting, and although those facts could have been laid out on plain paper, it’s a short book, and I think the way they wrote it made it worth actually having book out about it (instead of some one page thing about facts on making radio). It was a story within a story, and I thought it was clever and worked well.

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