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  1. I'm Kaylee. :)

    so what do I REALLY think?

    okay well anyone who’s actually read my blog would probably notice that I’ve gone through a series of ups in downs in terms of “alright, this is not so bad ..” and “I hate this, it’s the absolutely worst thing I’ve ever had to work on.” but all in all I kind of feel like ...
  2. I'm Kaylee. :)


    okay, so, you’re all probably wondering, “what the hell?!” because this is a cartoon for children on Nickelodean lol but, this is significant to me because as you might know (if you happened to read my “about me”) I have a god daughter, who watches this cartoon… and it’s about 5 animal/children things that have ...
  3. I'm Kaylee. :)

    …final continued…

    so just a quick update… I finished my idea to recreate my routine from YouTube clips and my own personal clips, pictures, music, etc. and it was kinda of short… so I think I’m going to add to it by talking about what motivated me to do this for my final project, and then explain ...
  4. I'm Kaylee. :)

    No Sex Before Marriage.

    so, basically, as I mentioned before, I was thinking about Superbad and the part came to mind where Fogell’s having sex with Nicola, and the cops bust in. In the real scene, they get upset because he ran away from them, and then pretend to arrest him to make up for ruining his time with ...
  5. I'm Kaylee. :)

    Dear future ds106ers,

    so if you’re wondering about digital storytelling, be prepared to invest in your work. I took digital storytelling because 1) I’m a computer science major, and I was like, “oh, CPSC title!”, and 2) because I dreaded having to meet a music/art GenEd requirement… and I’ll tell you that I was not expecting to put ...
  6. I'm Kaylee. :)

    there IS a light at the end of the tunnel…

    so I was watching gymnastics videos on YouTube the other night and came across this remix done of Shawn Johnson’s (she’s an olympic gold medalist for our women’s gymnastics team, in case you’re like, “and who is Shawn Johnson?”) routines, which I thought was the coolest thing ever, and I was like, “OMGOSH! I know ...
  7. I'm Kaylee. :)

    “…and you will die.”

    as far as progress goes on the the mashup, I had started trying to do something to the song Candyman by Aqua because I figured it could be really out there haha but then I realized that it was TOO out there and that I really had no direction for where I was going with ...
  8. I'm Kaylee. :)

    road trip anyone?

    Melanie McBride, Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue: I think the author presents a good argument, discussing both teachers who are only teaching their students what they want them to know, versus giving the students the layout/background and encouraging them to make something of their own from it; as well as teachers who are restricted about ...
  9. I'm Kaylee. :)

    on a more positive note…

    so, I actually enjoyed video a lot more than radio .. it wasn’t nearly as stressful, and I was starting to get nervous because I was still unsure about what exactly I was going to do for my final project, even though I knew I wanted to include pictures, my routine music, and possibly videos… ...
  10. I'm Kaylee. :)


    so I did my video on Superbad, because it’s one of my absolute favorite movies, and I’m prettyyyy sure it always will be. The process was pretty simple, I ended up recording through Audacity (surprising, as much as I loved radio, right? now that I’ve suffered through it, it’s not so bad anymore haha), and ...
  11. I'm Kaylee. :)

    a little bit of everything… bitching included.

    can someone say STRESS? jeeze… people keep saying, “only a month left!” like that doesn’t mean I still have a million things to do, with only a month to do them. I’m not going to lie… I haven’t been able to recover from the frustration of the radio project. Everything since then seems like a ...
  12. I'm Kaylee. :)

    fking radio.

    okay, so, my title’s a little intense… I’ve been EXTREMELY frustrated this entire assignment. Not about the actual assignment itself, just about how much of a pain the process has been. I had a personal family issue and had to leave town for a little bit, and both my group member and I decided to ...
  13. I'm Kaylee. :)

    Any thoughts?

    So, I keep thinking about what to do for the final project… I want to do something with gymnastics, and I’m thinking I somehow want to incorporate my routine music from when I used to compete, but I don’t want it to be like radio (that assignment is already a pain in the ass), plus, ...
  14. I'm Kaylee. :)

    ACT ?

    Glass talks about how every story contains two parts, an anecdote, and a moment of reflection. He also addresses how difficult it is to actually find a good story, good taste, and the pitfalls of storytelling. I chose to listen to First Day, and enjoyed it for the most part. The prologue and first stories ...
  15. I'm Kaylee. :)

    “6:29 Friday 4/9, 31 minutes to air”

    I actually watched the four-part series before reading RADIO, so I thought RADIO has a slow start, because it was just repeating everything I had just heard. However, once it started getting to the parts about the tape, making it, community involvement, and having it go public, the reading picked up. It seems so stressful, ...

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