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so what do I REALLY think?

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okay well anyone who’s actually read my blog would probably notice that I’ve gone through a series of ups in downs in terms of “alright, this is not so bad ..” and “I hate this, it’s the absolutely worst thing I’ve ever had to work on.” but all in all I kind of feel like the letter to future ds106ers is a reflection of the course .. it definitely required more work outside of class than I anticipated, so I guess that would go along with the challenges .. I think the hardest part was just getting involved. I’d put off assignments until the last minute because I thought it would be a pain and of course that’s what made it a pain. overall it was alright (maybe I just feel relieved because I survived, no lol that’s a littleee extreme) but really, obviously I did NOT like the radio assignment, but everything other than that was alright .. and I’d say that although in the middle of it I was stressed it’s actually pretty cool to look back on. I definitely liked video (obviously it’s what I did with my final project) and I thought it was pretty awesome how I used it to rebuild my high school gymnastics routine .. I mean who doesn’t want to still be capable of doing what they used to do when they were in practice? lol I think the work I enjoyed the most was the story about my brother putting his butt in the snow (even the remake, I really enjoyed the 5-card Flickr), Superbad mashup, and probably my website dog story .. actually now that I’m thinking about it I even liked the animatedgif, my gymnast icon, and the fanfic lol see, not so bad to look back on now that it’s over ha but anyway .. I’d say that how it applies to my life is definitely just the understanding of how things are continuing to go more and more digital .. we read a lot of articles on that in this course and I think that’s important to embrace because obviously (as demonstrated in this course) sometimes you’re just going to have to throw yourself into things you might not be 110% confident about .. so yeah. yay ds106.

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