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Waking up in the Forest with a Machine Gun…?

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Waking up in the Forest with a Machine Gun…?

so, I really enjoyed this assignment and thought I would add Marcy and I’s sound story to my blog because it was funny to us. I know we didn’t actually tell the stories in class, but I’m going to give ours away, because it’s completely ridiculous… so, a guy wakes up, alone, in the forest, and has absolutely no idea how he got there. While still have asleep (hence, the yawn) he decides he can’t think straight until he takes a leak. While he’s going, a bear sneaks up behind him and attacks him – out of nowhere he sees a machine gun next to him, and kills the bear, still not understanding how he got here, or how he had access to a machine gun. Anyway, he freaks out, starts running, until he reaches the road, where he’s almost hit by a car. Fortunately, the driver turns out to be his friend, who picks him up, asking something along the lines of, “What the hell happened to you last night? We couldn’t find you anywhere!” Although he doesn’t know how to answer that question, he’s just thankful he made it out of the forest in one piece. Yay!

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