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Narration of ‘Oh my God, I think I forgot about that…

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What college has taught me so far: I have some anxiety issues (self-diagnosis, pending professional confirmation).

Anyway, what does that mean for this class in particular?

For the Daily Shoot, I started thinking about what I should do at about 10pm, when I was trying to finish other work. I would sit for about 15-25 minutes weighing my options… ‘okay, late daily shoot or unpreparedness in Spanish/IR/PolySci?’ And really, on any given night, it was anyone’s guess what I’d choose. For the design/visual assignments, I came up with about 12 ideas. I tried all of them them, and gave up within about 10 minutes of each initial attempt, upon saying to myself ‘I can’t do this, I’m not a designer, I need to sleep, what time is it?, I have other shit to do, I hate this class, blehhh’. Anyway, the list goes on.

Conclusion: My final projects are going to rely on calmness and memory. I will challenge my insanity head on.

Final Project 1: Continuation of Daily Shoot… STARTING TODAY… although I can’t promise this will turnout much better than the actual assignment, I’m going to give it a try!
Final Project 2: When I started taking this class, I thought that I would become better at storytelling, something I’m royally awful at. Anyway, I was excited. As you may have noticed, I have not improved. So, I’ve enlisted the help of my iphone memo recorder. I’ve decided to ask my friends to tell me their favorite stories from college. So far, I’ve gotten a story of mistaken identity, the pokemon club, the worst first half of a semester on record, a mysterious flip-flop, and too much exertion plus some farting. I think I’ll learn something from my peers, some of whom are able to tell a good story that really pulls people in and makes them laugh. And, if they end up failing at storytelling, too… at least I won’t feel so bad. Also, I might gain a few pointers about what not to do… EVER. Really, the plusses of this assignment (for me personally) are infinite. Anyway, these will be posted every Saturday!

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