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Conjecture with regards to the terminal affair.

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Alright so I’ve been getting playing around with various audio ideas trying to get things narrowed down for my final project, and I’m down to just a few ideas. I was sold on the idea that I wanted to work with audio and editing since I really enjoy that outside of class already. Initially I was trying to formulate an idea that had to do with a large musical multi tracking undertaking for the assignment. While I know for a fact that I would have been able to complete this assignment, I was having trouble thinking of a way that that could be converted to a week by week project. I thought maybe that I could start tracking a song and then add layers each week talking about what steps I used and what not. I didn’t know how interesting this would be though, and to be honest it’s not how I work. I would probably end up doing the whole thing in one long session this weekend and then break up the parts which I add over the week. And then there’s the question of how interesting or relevant that even is.

My second idea is based off AudioAssignment75, where people could tell about what memories they thought of when they heard a certain song. For the larger project, each week I would tackle a year of my life and edit together a group of songs that influenced me greatly during that year. For each song I would tell why it was there and what memories I associated with it. Over the course of the weeks it would be interesting to see (not only how my music tastes changed) but what sort of memories were being brought up and how representative they were of those years.

Anyway, got these ideas spinning around in my head, ready to roll with any of them on a dime – just need to choose!

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