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Making My Comeback!

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Wow, fuck it’s been a very long time since I have updated my blog! I really need to get on with catching up on some of my missing assignments for this class. I’ll start off by just talking a little about the radio assignment. It seemed like this would be an interesting assignment, although I hate hearing my voice recorded (it makes me so uncomfortable). Coming up with an idea was pretty tough, my partners Mike and Chris and I had quite a bit of trouble thinking of something interesting. We had originally decided to just do talk radio shit while progressively getting more and more intoxicated, thinking it would be funny how our show would go from coherent to most likely drunken slurred rants about who knows what. Unfortunately this idea was shot down, seeing as martha could lose her job by letting us do it. We then waited until the last minute to think of something new…. eventually agreeing on fake celebrity interviews. This seemed like a great idea and we got right ahead to finding interviews and splicing up the audio to find parts we wanted. Midway through our Sarah Palin interview, my computer started to freeze up because I had less than 1gb hard drive space left (i download tons of shit and my hdd and external hdd are both completely full) which then resulted in audacity crashing. Thankfully it was able to recover our interview, but we lost all the spliced audio. With very little time remaining before it was due, we just decided to keep the interview and then just talk about random news for 30 minutes. It’s not creative or mindblowing, but i think it’s something that could be funny and interesting to listen to. Now that I posted this, I need to listen to some other radio shows and judge them as harshly as possible.

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