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here we go, I’m staying up all night so I figured “might as well catch up on all those posts I never wrote!”, so I might have a bunch coming at once. Anyway, this one is a good five weeks late. RADIO. Where to start with RADIO… maybe by saying that I didn’t exactly finish it. Unfortunately it couldn’t hold my attention… I pushed my way through the first couple pages and then I just gave up, bored and exhausted from using so energy to try to stay focused on reading. I suppose that the idea of putting all this radio information in graphic novel form sounded good in someone’s head, but in my opinion it didn’t work too well. First of all, the pictures did nothing for me. They were boring and static, and the text bubbles were over-filled with text. I can see how this could appeal to people, seeing as it is a pretty clever medium for presenting this information, but it could have been done a lot better (but I guess most things in this world can be done better). Sorry RADIO, you just couldn’t reel me in.

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