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Super Mash Bros.

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alright alright, i didn’t actually make up the post title because they are actually a duo that make mashup songs, but i thought it was a clever title. Moving on to mashups, I was asked to consider the questions of whether or not remix/mashup is an “assault on originality?” and is remix and mashup a “new” art? I don’t think I quite agree that (at least) mashups are an assault on originality. Clearly, they don’t use original material but I don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that their ideas are original. Personally, when I watch a mashup videos or listen to mashup songs, I’m always impressed that someone had the idea to put whatever unrelated subjects together into something awesome (I’m only impressed if they are awesome). These mashup artists definitely have a knack for creativity, and although they don’t create the material they work with they definitely are good at figuring out how to work with what they have. I saw my one classmate’s post here and he mentioned that “artwork once took inspiration, hardwork, and a creative passion.” and how “any kid with a laptop and 30 mins on his hands can create work that unfortunately gets wide spread acceptance into our digital society.” For that second claim, I think you’re giving the youth of today too much credit, 30 mins isn’t much time (Although I do see where you coming from with shit like Rebecca Black although that’s not a mashup). But with the first claim, I don’t think that artwork really takes any less inspiration, hardwork, or creative passion than in the past. And I would include some mashups in this because I think it does take inspiration, hardwork and a good deal of creativity to make some of the things good mashup artists come up with. I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Quick summary: Mashups are cool and can be extremely impressive. They might not use original material but the final product can be full of original and creative ideas. Remixes: I didn’t talk about them because I don’t really give a shit. Most of the time they sound the same or shittier than the original (in terms of remixed songs at least) but there can be some good ones.

I personally have not made any mashups, although we did try to make one for our radio show (fake celebrity interviews) but I think it would be pretty fun to try, and who knows, if I make something really good maybe I can achieve my dream of becoming a YouTube celebrity!

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