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To Blog or Not to Blog

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When I opened up my blog I decided to go to through the godaddy route for my domain name as well as hosting. At that time I chose to host the site for a year. So I think I’m going to keep up the blog for a little bit. I dont know what will become of it after that though.

My favorite piece of work from this class is definitely the mash up. I had a lot of fun with that and I think it turned out really well. Definitely convinced me to get a mac…once I get enough money.

DS106 has been a very interesting class for me, I have learned a lot about the new web 2.0 landscape. This course has been fun and also pretty rigorous. I recently interviewed for a job and one of the questions they asked was if I was familiar with word press so I can thank this class for that also.

My final project is a little changed up from my original idea but is essentially the same. I found an app called LaDiDa on my iphone where it lets you record your own songs to a list of different genres from acoustic to underground rap. It also has a some settings where you can auto tune and add reverb so I have been having some fun with that. Instead of a music video though I think I am just going to do a slide show. My video camera has not been cooperating with me recently, but I think photos should have a similar effect.

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