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    addressed to future

    Dear Future Student of Digital Storytelling, Upon entering this class you should know a few things. This class requires some what of a previous back ground with computers and a familiarity with web 2.0, a term you will soon be familiar with but chances are you already know more than you think. The hardest part […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
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    Soo I used mac the ripper to get the dvd onto the mac and then I used an encoder to get it to mp4 for iMovie….but now youtube is upset when I try to play it! Anyone have ideas on how to get around this copy right business?
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    Movie Essay Premiere

    With out further adu (definitely dont know how to spell that) here is the movie essay! Had my fair share of bumps in the road but using a MAC definitely made it not too bad. Video Essay
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    Come Original

    Reading the articles on remix and mashup really made me think of the concepts of originality and copy right protection. In this new age of media it seems our perception of art has changed. Art work once took inspiration, hard work, and a creative passion. Now any kid with a laptop and 30 mins on […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
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    90 seconds of Morning

    So I probably could have probably put this up in a more fancy way but just to get this up in time  here is the 90 second story my group put together. I wasn’t sure how to tag the assignment tho. morning credits: Me Elizabeth Valerie
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    Radio Reading

    I thought the reading on the Radio was surprisingly good. The comic book, excuse me, graphic novel format made it easy to follow along. I thought it was interesting to get a look inside the world of radio. It truly is different than all other mediums of story telling, especially in this digital age. It […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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