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I had some trouble with the video project. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to do but wasn’t really able to because of the technical limitations of my computer. Mostly it was that my computer couldn’t render heavily edited video at a reasonable frame rate. So instead I went with something more simple, but I’m still quite happy with how it turned out.

In the end what I did was take footage from the 1972 Werner Herzog film, Aguirre, the Wrath of God, and combined it with the Magnetic Fields song, Yeah! Oh Yeah! The editing of the footage is relatively subtle but I think it does well to synthesize with the song. My thinking in selecting the footage was to pick images that inexactly parallel the semi-harshness of the song. I avoided using any clips that had humans as the focus. I’m actually not sure why I did that; maybe the Andes mountains and the rapids of the Amazonian tributaries just suggest more than actors can.



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