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Tough start to an easy journey….

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So I’m like 10 minutes away from posting my visual assignment for the day and I had a REALLY REALLY hard time with this one…. as usual I thought it was going to be a piece of cake… but I haven’t done anything artistic as far as computers are concerned for a looooooong time…. so I had SUCH a hard time… I have been working on this for over five hours through out the day… my head was pouring with creative ideas but I barely had any efficient programs to work with and it was just a mess of clickity clickity clickity click click…  i finally ended up using Microsoft Word! Can you believe that??!! I only had photoeditor and paintbrush to work with…  I asked an IT in Masters person to introduce me to some programs … he messed with it for a while… then said “I am an IT person… not a photoshop one..” Really?

btw…. does anyone know how I can reduce the size of time image that pops up on paintbrush everytime I open a file…. it is gigantic for some reason….

So I hope this works… I was trying to make it seem that they were both having a conversation.. and Palin was supposed to be on the left to show that “she” spoke first but I couldn’t find a “good” picture of Weiner looking left…

I MUST do the project with manipulating the traffic signs… I’m going to search online for some better programs to work with… if anyone has any suggestions including “go buy… etc etc…” then that would be awesome…

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