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The world is dangerous

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What’s really going on outside the borders of the kangaroo crossing sign? I submit that, up from the depths, 30 stories high, breathing fire, his head in the sky, GOJIRA has his eye on some tasty, tasty marsupial.

Special thanks to Cheryl Colan for proposing this assignment. I really like it.

Process: I searched for “kangaroo crossing” in Google Images with the additional restrictions that they be clipart and PNG files. After having found the one I wanted, I selected the black region in the sign and pasted a few of them onto a large yellow background (using the exact same yellow from the sign), so it looks like a herd (or a mob or a troop, I’ve seen all three) of kangaroos. Then I used the same process with Godzilla – search for clipart, PNG – this time, I added black and white to the restrictions and there you have it. I actually had to take a screen cap of the browser window to just get the black, since it was pasting a black square with a white outline of the monster.

After having some difficulties with scaling (making him bigger meant making him fuzzier), I decided to shrink the ‘roos instead. It worked out better. All done in the GIMP. Enjoy.

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