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  1. Alan Liddell

    Where I’ve been

    TWW had to put down his dog today. I didn’t expect him to make it back tonight. I thought he’d stay with his folks for another day at least. He did a long post here, mostly about the good times. Read it if you feel like getting a little mis...
  2. Alan Liddell

    DS106 app coming to Android too!

    If you’ve been following my halting steps towards a #ds106 mobile app, you’ve no doubt noticed it’s been somewhat iOS-centric. Well, not to fear! I’ve actually hit a wall on the iOS development and so as not to completely lose f...
  3. Alan Liddell

    Not life-threatening

    I just spent a while (a long while) creating this new wallpaper for my Android phone. I’m too exhausted to blog about the process, except to note three things: I drew the girl from scratch, inspired by shamelessly ripped off these girls from Ser...
  4. Alan Liddell

    I heard you like blog posts

    You know what I hate? Intellectual dishonesty. You’ve seen me talk about the Art of Manliness on this blog before. A question that has naturally come up in conversation, then, is, “What about the Art of Womanliness?” I understand that...
  5. Alan Liddell

    Nowhere else to say it

    To all the people pushing an agenda; to all the professional talkers and aspirants thereto; to all of you who condemn without judgment and argue without introspection; to each and every one of you who sees the world as some tremendous machine designed ...
  6. Alan Liddell

    Taking back spam

    I’m a big fan of audio assignments. Here’s one I hope you like: The music in the background is Torte In Faccia by Goblin from Zombi, the soundtrack for the original Dawn of the Dead.
  7. Alan Liddell

    O R’lyeh?

    I have trouble with minimalism. Check out my very first attempt at this assignment and then look at what I did to “improve” it. Now look at my latest attempt at the minimalist travel poster, an ad for the nightmare city of R’lyeh: No...
  8. Alan Liddell

    Fight Club was the beginning

    This comes out of a conversation I was having with @timmmmyboy about maker culture: View the story “In the beginning, there was #ds106″ on Storify Storified by Alan Liddell Wed, Feb 08 2012 22:12:48 · 211 views 8 In the beginning, there w...
  9. Alan Liddell

    Hoisting cats with M.C. Escher, part deux

    Herein I explain how I did my previous post. You start, obvs, with the piece of artwork in question, which, honestly, I have no idea what it’s called. Then you find a picture of a fat cat on Google Images and paste it as a new layer onto the background, trimming everything away but the ...
  10. Alan Liddell

    Coming to a snooty independent record store near you

    Here’s the assignment:  First, go here: The title of the article is now the name of your band. Next, go here: Go to the bottom of the page. The last four to five words of the last quote are the title of your first album Lastly, go here: Select the 3rd image. ...
  11. Alan Liddell

    Wondrous things, now

    Bear in mind that while I know the fundamentals of programming in general, working with Cocoa (and Cocoa Touch) and Objective-C is something I picked up basically a couple weeks before the semester started. I am essentially a novice. That said – behold, a working prototype of the mobile app on an iPad simulator: Ugly? ...
  12. Alan Liddell

    Who you project is who you are

    Hi. It’s been a while, Itinerant Intolerance. Looking at the other blogs in the #ds106-ocube, there’s a lot of creative stuff being done. Do you remember when I said I never got to do the right-brain stuff? Apparently I’m only motivated to Make Art, Dammit™ every now and then and that’s the real answer. I’m ...
  13. Alan Liddell

    Choosing my weapon

    Well, here it is. The obligatory post about a text editor. If you’re wondering at all why I’ve posted the past few entries, please do refer to the links I’ve posted. That should clear you right up. Coming from Linux (and a really, really pretentious trip down broken-computing lane that was), I learned a few ...
  14. Alan Liddell

    Tougher than I thought it would be

    Makes you forget just how often you hit that Backspace key. This one actually took me three attempts – that one crumpled-up sheet of paper is me trying to be economical/green/whatever. I noticed the <body> tag was indented weirdly, and there’s that extraneous line break, but whatever. I reproduced what I saw faithfully because that’s ...
  15. Alan Liddell

    Webmaking 101 at P2PU

    You #ds106 cats would understand the efficacy of open, online education – here goes nothing. I’m checking out this School of Webcraft thing. I never advanced much in my programming beyond a few things I’d consider basic knowledge, and whatever I do have is covered in rust. Lacking any kind of focus (except that Android/iOS ...
  16. Alan Liddell

    Baby steps into Android

    For all you #ds106 cats with smartphones, help is on the way. I’m figuring out Android programming so we can roll out an app that lets you view the feed, check out individual entries, comment on them and share them via your various/sundry social networks without having to use your mobile browser. Once I ...
  17. Alan Liddell

    The end of Itinerant Intolerance?

    No, I’m just going to be migrating over to a new domain, probably on My domain registration expires in January and I would rather save my money. I’ll be posting where it’s going, so you can update your links (hahahaha) ...
  18. Alan Liddell

    Migrating to the Mac, Part II

    One little annoyance I’ve had in my switch from Linux to the Mac was the lack of wget. wget is a neat little command-line utility that allows you to grab things from the Web using http, https or ftp. “But Alan,” you say, “I can just do that in my browser!” Sure, and for one ...
  19. Alan Liddell

    Migrating to the Mac, Intro and Part I

    You pretty much all know by now that as a once die-hard Linux user, I used to be virulently anti-Mac, anti-iDevice, basically anti-Apple. While some other people from the Apple camp are moving to Linux on principle, I discarded my ideals as less than expedient and got a 13″ MacBook Pro about a month ago. I ...

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