1. Alan Liddell

    Where I’ve been


    TWW had to put down his dog today. I didn’t expect him to make it back tonight. I thought he’d stay with his folks for another day at least. He did a long post here, mostly about the good times. Read it if you feel like getting a little misty-eyed. …

  2. Alan Liddell

    DS106 app coming to Android too!


    If you’ve been following my halting steps towards a #ds106 mobile app, you’ve no doubt noticed it’s been somewhat iOS-centric. Well, not to fear! I’ve actually hit a wall on the iOS development and so as not to completely lose forward momentum, I’ve made the lateral jump to Android. I …

  3. Alan Liddell

    Not life-threatening


    I just spent a while (a long while) creating this new wallpaper for my Android phone. I’m too exhausted to blog about the process, except to note three things: I drew the girl from scratch, inspired by shamelessly ripped off these girls from Serenity: The shape tool in Pixelmator is …

  4. Alan Liddell

    I heard you like blog posts


    You know what I hate? Intellectual dishonesty. You’ve seen me talk about the Art of Manliness on this blog before. A question that has naturally come up in conversation, then, is, “What about the Art of Womanliness?” I understand that that’s an even thornier issue than an Art of Manliness …

  5. Alan Liddell

    Nowhere else to say it


    To all the people pushing an agenda; to all the professional talkers and aspirants thereto; to all of you who condemn without judgment and argue without introspection; to each and every one of you who sees the world as some tremendous machine designed to keep you and yours down, whether …

  6. Alan Liddell

    Taking back spam


    I’m a big fan of audio assignments. Here’s one I hope you like: The music in the background is Torte In Faccia by Goblin from Zombi, the soundtrack for the original Dawn of the Dead.…

  7. Alan Liddell

    O R’lyeh?


    I have trouble with minimalism. Check out my very first attempt at this assignment and then look at what I did to “improve” it. Now look at my latest attempt at the minimalist travel poster, an ad for the nightmare city of R’lyeh: Not very minimalist, is it? The trouble …

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