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Updating iTunes

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Looking at the list of visual assignments that were available one stood out to me as being particularly interesting. Ā Being able to change and update the logo of something that everyone has used at one point or another is a great opportunity. Ā I have always found the iTunes logo to be outdated; it’s stuck when iTunes was a music player. Ā iTunes still plays music and sells even more, but has become bloated with iApps and iManagement. Ā As someone without an iPhone, iTunes makes it much easier to sync your phone than with any other software package (Android, BB). Ā iTunes logo should have evolved to show that.

To do this I have started from scratch and used a picture of all of the devices which use iTunes in one way or another. Ā Apple sells this synchronicity as a main facet of using all Apple products and I believe the logo should reflect that.

Here is the plain logo that I created at first

Unsatisfied I played with some photoshop effects to try and make the Apple products more subtle. Ā All of the iLife products (which iTunes is apart of) haveĀ separateĀ logos that are quite different which made it harder to figure out how to update iTunes. Ā My attempt is below;

This is very much still a work in progress to me and I look forward to working on a new logo more.

I also cannot wait to see what the rest of the class cooks up, I would not be surprised if another iTunes replacement comes up.

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