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  1. Nathan Bent

    Digital Story


    A digital story that combines lots of what I have done in this class over the last few months.


    I made it iMovie by combining all of the images I had created and the sound effect story I had created.

  2. Nathan Bent

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


    Movie trailer mashup! Star Wars IV A New Hope (the good) Plan Nine From Outer Space (the bad) and my result! (The ugly)

    I did this in iMovie, which I have realized is not the best tool available.  I also used the trailers of those two movies which are available on YouTube at the following ...

  3. Nathan Bent



    For my second assignment I did something I’ve done twice before; made ringtones. When I got my first phone, a Samsung flip phone that was one of the first color phones (and was a hand-me-down) I scoured the internet to find a good song that I would identify with. I settled on the theme from ...

  4. Nathan Bent

    Sound Story


    Sorry for the late post, my computer charger somehow broke on the way home this past weekend and I haven’t gotten the replacement yet.  I’m using a friends computer but he’s not wild about me installing software on it so its slow going.  Anyhow, here is the first of three assignments I will hopefully have ...

  5. Nathan Bent

    I Can Read Movies – Requiem for a Dream


    One of the most intense movies I have ever seen became a fairly interesting project.  It was hard to find iconic symbols, so I went for fairly easy ones.

    Update! I altered the pattern so that it would alternate better and played with the colors under the text.  Another version (that I liked less) is ...

  6. Nathan Bent

    Simple Indiana Jones Poster


    Another fun project!

    This one was another photoshop heavy job, I found two iconic images of Indy and then covered them in two or three colors to simplify them.  I then feathered them to create a softer border with the background.  The background is a gradient of all of the colors in the Indiana Jones ...

  7. Nathan Bent

    Updating iTunes


    Looking at the list of visual assignments that were available one stood out to me as being particularly interesting.  Being able to change and update the logo of something that everyone has used at one point or another is a great opportunity.  I have always found the iTunes logo to be outdated; it’s stuck when ...

  8. Nathan Bent

    Working with WordPress


    I’ve been a pretty big nerd for a while, and starting my first WordPress weblog in the seventh grade.  As far as I know there are no traces of that, or the second or third or fourth attempts at creating a web presence.  This blog is probably the fifteenth or so, and I have had ...

  9. Nathan Bent

    Expansive Technology

    Assignment #1, Response to Gardner Campbell’s article and video

    Gardner Campbell’s article A Personal Cyberinfrastructure talks about technology’s relationship with the classroom, and how it hasn’t always been evolving in the most efficient ways.  In his essay Campbell poses the idea of giving students more control and opportunities in the schools to give them a head ...

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