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New Iconic Me

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After taking into account the comments people have shared with me about my first iconic me assignment, I decided to add to it. My first icon was of plain black, white, and gray keys from a piano. While I do feel like the black and white version represents me (the simple side of me) I also feel like it didn’t show another side of me. This version of the piano keys shows my other side. I don’t really know what to call my other side. Anyways, I chose piano keys because I play the piano! I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old. The new color I added is one of my favorite colors and is the color I had in my wedding. My wedding, of course, was a big part of my life. The “Safety” part is how I feel when I play piano. I can get lost in my own little world while playing the piano. It’s like no one else is around and I can be who I want. It is an amazing feeling when you create your own noise and it comes out as music. So here is my updated icon:

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