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  1. Kinzie Brooks

    Final Thoughts :(

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last 5 weeks of my life have flown by. Seriously. How did it end so quickly.  This video is my final reflection on DS106. I am so sad for this class to be over. What am I going to do for the rest of my ...
  2. Kinzie Brooks

    Video Assignment #2 Speed Up Your Workday

    For my second video assignment I chose to do “Speed Up Your Workday”. I figured it would be easier on me if I could work on this “during” work. And it was!! I recorded myself using my webcam. I then uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker and added the effect Speed Up (Double) FIVE TIMES. ...
  3. Kinzie Brooks

    Web Story

    Well, this assignment, I thought would be very simple for me. Beings I’m a computer science major and all. However, I found it to be quite trying. Not difficult, but trying. I began with the idea to do a news story about the Oblivion disappearance. So I went searching for websites to use and found ...
  4. Kinzie Brooks

    The Obliviatiors Radio Bumper

    So I did the minute long bumper for my group THE OBLIVIATIORS!!! This is a preview of our radio show A MUST LISTEN! So tune in on Tuesday! I did this in Audacity. I used some videos from youtube: I Know What You Did Last Summer Theme, ds106tv 6-27-11 part 1, Mock EAS Alert (Tornado ...
  5. Kinzie Brooks

    ds106 Radio Bumper Audio 3

    Well for my last assignment, I took the advice of Jim Groom and did a bumper for ds106 radio. I used songs from youtube: Bad Romance, Remind Me, Canucks vs. Bruins, the Replacements Hey Good Lookin’, and Jim Groom. I also used sound effects from slurping_swallowing_and_ahh.wav by mwhitcomb83, oh_yeah.wav by snaginneb, fm_flip.wav by cognito_perceptu, ...
  6. Kinzie Brooks

    Interview/MusicMashup Audio 2

    I loved this assignment!!! I got all the songs from youtube. The clips are: Sandlot (Forever), Hot Hot Hot, Ice Ice Baby, What a Wonderful World, She Drives Me Crazy, You Talk Too Much, When It’s Over, You Think You Know Me, Shock the Monkey, Mr. Big Stuff, Money, I Want Candy. I had my ...
  7. Kinzie Brooks

    Sound Effects Story Audio 1

    So I have never ever done anything like this before. I had no idea where to start. So first I read through the Digital Audio blog, downloaded Audacity, and signed up for SoundCloud. Then I read many many blogs about Audacity because I had no clue where to begin. So anyways, I figured out how ...
  8. Kinzie Brooks

    Bumper Sticker

    Well for my last Design Assignment I chose to do the Bumper Sticker. When I’m driving, I see a lot of parents with these types of stickers on their cars. So I decided to create one for ds106. I created this using phoenix in aviary. It was pretty simple to design. The most difficult part ...
  9. Kinzie Brooks

    The Big Hip Hop

    For my third Design Assignment I chose to do The Big Hip Hop. So I followed the directions from the Description and went to And found this picture. I then went to the top 100 songs website,, and found Blake Shelton’s song “Honey Bee” Hopefully this won’t upset anyone. I’m not trying to ...
  10. Kinzie Brooks

    Golf Anyone?

    So for my second design assignment, I decided to do the Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. You can see which one movie I chose below. When I decided to do this assignment, I really had a hard time figuring out which movie/tv show to choose from. Some of my top choices were: Cars, The Office, Country Strong, ...
  11. Kinzie Brooks

    New Iconic Me

    After taking into account the comments people have shared with me about my first iconic me assignment, I decided to add to it. My first icon was of plain black, white, and gray keys from a piano. While I do feel like the black and white version represents me (the simple side of me) I ...
  12. Kinzie Brooks

    Iconic Me

    So I decided to choose this assignment “Iconic You” as my first assignment because I thought it would be help me learn how to design. It gives me practice for upcoming assignments. I really didn’t know how to start this out or what program to use. Tips would be nice. So I just used Paint. ...
  13. Kinzie Brooks


    I thoroughly enjoyed “Everything Is A Remix: Part 3″ By Kirby Ferguson. Sometimes I feel pretty stupid when I have no idea how to do something. I learn much easier and faster if I can see how it is done first. This video really opened my eyes to the fact that everyone got to their ...
  14. Kinzie Brooks


    Seriously, I’ve never thought that I am an artist. I’ve considered myself a musical person but never artistic. So when Jim Groom sent me the introduction emails I was scared out of my mind! Well guess what, I’m still scared! After listening to “We Are All Artists” by Tim Owens, I realized that I am ...
  15. Kinzie Brooks

    Virus! :o

    Hey fellow ds106ers. Felt like I should share this with everyone. This past Friday, I was on my husband’s computer looking at Visual Assignments to do. I was on the ds106 site under sumbit an assignment and was looking through the various assignments. Well I clicked one, unfortunately I can’t remember which one, and then ...
  16. Kinzie Brooks

    Assignment 4 Album Cover

    For my last assignment I chose to do the Album Cover. One reason is because there was an awesome tutorial from timmmmyboy’s blog –> thanks so much!! I tend to learn better when someone can show me. Although I do sometimes like to figure things out myself. It makes me feel accomplished! But I ...
  17. Kinzie Brooks

    Assignment 3 Common Everyday Object

    So honestly I chose this one because I am so swamped with things to do. And this assignment looked pretty easy. I think that this actually turned out pretty awesome. Thanks to alan liddle for the hint about GIMP. I seriously didn’t know where to start. For this assignment I found this pic that I ...
  18. Kinzie Brooks

    Four Icons Assignment

    For my second visual assignment I chose to do the Four Icon Challenge. It said to choose a movie, story, or event. Well I believe this is a story and event. If any of you have seen this show, you will hopefully understand the icons I have chosen. I really didn’t have too much trouble ...
  19. Kinzie Brooks

    Am I Knowledge – Able?

    Michael Wesch presented at UMW. Where was I during this?!?! One of the most profound things that he said during his presentation was.. “Identity is what is reflected back to you.” Honestly, I had never thought about it this way before. My whole life I believed my identity was who I was inside. Wesch is ...
  20. Kinzie Brooks

    blogexperiment… Oh the Insanity

    Right now…my mind feels like the lightbulb (and not the lighting up part). I’ve been working on adding plugins to my blog. I actually really like the fact that I can create how I want my space to look. I feel “powerful”. HOWEVER… I am having a very difficult run in with Google Analyticator. For ...
  21. Kinzie Brooks

    Google Analyticator HELP!!!

    Well so far all the plugins seem to be working. But now I have a problem. I got this code from Google Analytics to paste somewhere but I don’t know where to paste it. I pasted it under my google analytics settings and now code shows up on my blog. Can someone please help!!?? thanks ...
  22. Kinzie Brooks

    Expressive Capability (Assignment 1)

    As I watch the videos Dr. O assigned, I am amazed at how much I do not know. I seriously sat there at some points and thought to myself..”what is he talking about?” In his essay, Campbell said the following, “Only a few faculty had the curiosity or stamina to brave this new world.” I ...
  23. Kinzie Brooks

    How I See Myself

    I wanted to explain my avatar to you all. Dr. Oblivion told us to choose an avatar that would be my digital identity. Jim Groom then commented on a blog that many people change their avatars according to how they are identified at that point in their life. Well at this point in my life ...

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