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Again, for a better tomorrow

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This one was actually really easy. I found Jim Groom’s iconic “Edupunk” photo, opened it with the GIMP and (on Ubuntu Studio, at least) went to “Filters>Artistic>Obama Hope” (seriously). I hardly fiddled with the default values, just set the “Smooth” option a little lower so we could get a bit more clarity in his features. This resulted in a lot of layers (seriously like half a dozen or more), so I went to “Image>Merge Visible Layers” to give me one thing to work with. Then, making sure that I had selected all, I went to “Image>Canvas Size” and changed the ratio of the picture to make it bumper-sticker shaped. Then I filled in the excess with the blue color and used a generic sans serif font for the text. I gave the text the outline using steps outlined here. Enjoy!

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