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ds106tv 7-6-11 “The Uprising” — Comments

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– Begin Transmission –

Well, Ms. Oblivion…There was no link to this BB site.  That’s why we didn’t take the test.  Cure “More” tag…

Speaking of which, what happened to Ms. Oblivion?  One moment, she was there working on her audio, the next, she was gone.

And then the loss of the stream, which, once again, almost made me s*** myself with the sudden change in amplitude.

Groom, the Oblivions turn on you because you’re the TA.  I would really like to get into an argument with Ms. Oblivion.  She speaks of logic, but has she argued with a Vulcan-enthusiast before?

I was hoping that this broadcast would be long like the others.  I was really getting into the drama here XD  GO JIM GO!!!  Swing the BanHammer with a vengeful arm!  Use the power of the Dark Side!!!  Smite all in your path!  POOOOOWWWEEEERRRRRR!!!!  UNNNNLIIIMMMITEEEEEEDDDDDD POOOOWWWWEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, I’m coordinating with a couple of people to see if they want to group up, so…yeah.

– End Transmission –

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