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Disappearing Act Web Story

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So after watching Tim and Martha’s video and going over the written instruction, I still felt lost because I didn’t know what website I wanted to look at. I’m big on fashion but fashion is very image focused and Martha warned against websites with too many pictures….So what now? I thought of what Tim said about trusting your sources and knowing where your information is coming from and got the idea to play with a news source. CNN being one of most recognized news sources seemed like an easy target. There was an article on men getting cancer and some of the focus was on what they ate. Somehow my brilliant mind went from that to couch potatoes and then to men disappearing because they didn’t want to do house chores. I bet if they could, men would actually do this. Now I am not a man hating woman but  it grinds my gears to see the women in family cooking and cleaning and the men just sit and watch tv. Sooo dad, bro, and uncles and Charles, this is for you!!!

I was able to do this by following the instructions listed here. I used fireshot to capture the screen shot (I kinda wish i knew of this nifty lil thing much earlier but that’s another story). So the only thing I cheated on was the saving while making changes cause I’d copy, past and save the html but then when i opened it, i got a message that said “No clickID (partnerID) has been set on this page”… Now whats that about? So here are the results…..Criticize, and Dismantle so I can rebuild and recover (that made no sense but I’m just typing what my brain is thinking of). 








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