1. Araba Boakye

    Digital Story Compilation



    This assignment was really a time to go back to look at all the assignments and memories shared during the course of this class. This are some of the ones I’m proud to share. The downside to using a song is that other audio’s can’t be played. I attempted …

  2. Araba Boakye

    Trailer Mashup–Mulan


    I think downloading all the tools and learning how to use it was more annoying than doing the assignment itself. I used Sony Vegas Pro as the main tool for combining all my clips. Using clip converter, I downloaded the clips from YouTube and saved them in the proper formats …

  3. Araba Boakye



    Someone once told me that “God never gives you more than you can handle”

    This has me thinking. If God is testing us by giving us challenges to overcome, what is the punishment for those who fail? Eternal Damnation? And what are we supposed to be learning from these challenges?…

  4. Araba Boakye

    Disappearing Act Web Story


    So after watching Tim and Martha’s video and going over the written instruction, I still felt lost because I didn’t know what website I wanted to look at. I’m big on fashion but fashion is very image focused and Martha warned against websites with too many pictures….So what now? I …

  5. Araba Boakye

    Reactions to these new turn of events


    So i’m sure by now everyone has heard of the events that’s happened in the last few days. We lost Dr.Oblivion, and now the prime suspect, Jim Groom has gone missing…but not before going mad and banishing some people. Fortunately for us, there is an audio recording of the event …

  6. Araba Boakye

    Audio Experiment #3 Alvin!!!!!!


    For the third audio experiment I decided to play with the effects since the other two didn’t really allow for that much experimentation. I recorded someone singing this rhyme and then I played with the pitch and the pace which resulted in the lovely chimpmunck sounding thing. I added other …

  7. Araba Boakye

    Audio Experiment #2 Mash-up


    This crazy mashup was so fun to do. i think the hardest part was thinking up questions and then thinking of the right songs to respond. It doesn’t help if you don’t listen to a lot of music. After i imported the songs i wanted to use, it was very …

  8. Araba Boakye

    Audio Experiment #1 Sound Story


    For this assignment, I pulled out hairs, said some pretty graphic words and shed a tear or two but i finally got the hand of it. I didn’t have a problem with downloading the sound effects but it took me a while to learn how to put it all on …

  9. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #595


    July 3, 2011. #595

    Play with contrasting scale today: juxtapose something small with something big!


    Like all things, even fruits comes in different shape. I bet your mom wouldn’t be mad if you played with your food this way. She’s enroll you in art school. For this masterpiece, I …

  10. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #596


    July 5, 2011. #596

    Make a photo with a strong linear composition today.

    HAPPY 4th Everyone. Today i took the lil monsters out to see the fireworks and decided to do the daily shoot with them as my co-subjects. I’ve got some weak linear compositions standing next to the strong …

  11. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #594



    I’m really proud of this pic seeing how i chased this bee for quite a while waiting for it to pollinate so I can take a pic. I added a boost effect in Picnick(my fav tool now) and VIOLA.  Nature is dirty, but beautiful!!!…

  12. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #593


    2011/01/07. ds593

    Make a photograph today that features the sky.


    I took this pic of the sun setting on I95 on the way back from Maryland. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen and i thought it captured today’s topic really well. Enjoy and appreciate …

  13. Araba Boakye

    Design Assignment 3: The Big Hip Hop


    Firefighters sleep between trucks at the incident command post for the Wallow fire, June 8, 2011 in Springerville (Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

    For this assignment, i chose this picture of a firefighter taking a nap on a very stressful day. I picked lyrics from the lazy song by Bruno Mars to …

  14. Araba Boakye

    Tim Owens & Kirby Ferguson Commentary


    Tim Owens’ discussion about all things design

    So I am a sociology major taking ds106 because I thought it would be a fun class to take. So far it hasn’t disappointed. It’s certainly very different from any class I’ve taken and I’m glad I got the opportunity to take it, …

  15. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #582


    20100/06/30. #ds592

    I am all too familiar with today’s topic. Several times i’ve had a deadline coming up only to have the dreaded blue screen pop up. Once again I did this in paint. I thought i’d practice my drawing a little bit (one step at a time). Constructive Criticism …

  16. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #591


    2011/06/29 • #ds591

    2011/06/29 • #ds591


    Illustrate choice in a photograph today. Be obvious or subtle.


    For today’s shoot i decided to make a poster using paint. The choices are heaven and hell. I made heave so much lighter than hell and kind of ambiguous looking because we…
  17. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #590


    06/29/2011. #ds590

    Make a photograph that features white in a dominant manner. Use a white subject. Blow out the sky. Use your imagination.


    All day I was thinking about this topic. I looked through what other people had posted but I didn’t want to do the same thing. I …

  18. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #589



    6/24/2011. #589

    6/24/2011. #589

    Make a photograph with around the number three today. Three objects. Three colors. The number three.…

  19. Araba Boakye

    Visual Assignment Un



    Visual Assignment #1 Cropped Signs

    We think of creation as addition, but there is a form of creation by deletion. In this assignment, you need to change, alter, enhance the meaning of a sign by cropping out parts of it. This should be doing in camera, but could also …

  20. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #588


    2011/06/26 • #ds588

    Make a monochrome photograph today. Keep in mind that monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white.


    So I will admit that i looked up monochrome for this shoot. It’s something that is of the same color but it can be different shades of that color.…

  21. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #587


    2011/06/25 • #ds587

    Make a photograph today that illustrates attraction. Pick whatever definition of the word you’d like.


    Definition of Attraction used: A thing that draws, attracts,  allures, or entices:


    I love the way the sun peaks out and gives the monument tip a little shine.…

  22. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #586


    Make a photograph of two complementary objects arranged to show their relationship to each other.

    2011/06/24 • #ds586


    Make a photograph of two complementary objects arranged to show their relationship to each other.


    Originally I wanted to take a picture of some tea and cookies but a friend …

  23. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #585


    2011/06/23 • #ds585

    2011/06/23 • #ds585

    Work the angles today. Make a photo that gives us a unique perspective on an otherwise ordinary scene.


    Disclaimer: This bug was still alive when I took this picture. I was walking by and there it was. After screaming my head off, i …

  24. Araba Boakye

    Daily Shoot #584


    2011/06/22 • #ds584


    Make a photo of a pair of subjects today. People or inanimate objects are both fair game!

    I love this shot. My friend Brit and Jam were on their way back from dance practice and I saw that they were marching in sync so I snapped …

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