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Walker Triple Troll Attack

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This submission is for the Triple Troll Attack. Walker is the common item among the quote, wrongly cited speaker and the animated character.

The idea to mix these three walkers occurred while planning yesterday’s malware slideshow.

The image of the Walker virus was found on an online version of an old paper by Finland’s favorite cyber sleuth Mikko Hyppönen that might be of interest to students wanting to do further research on malware for upcoming blogposts.

As an added benefit, a guy named Benjamen Walker (yes, yet another Walker) produced an awesome radio segment dealing with these topics for WFMU. Check out his talk with Nart Villeneuve on the October 10, 2010 episode of Too Much Information for a great discussion on Stuxnet and Facebook malware (it begins at the 23:10 minute mark of the hourlong program). Villeneuve refers to the term zero-day exploit – this would also be an interesting topic to look in to further.

Creating the Triple Troll image was quite simple. I grabbed the image from Hyppönen’s site and did added the green text in Aviary. But it really begs to be rendered as an animated GIF.

So I’ve given away one of the three parts of the challenge: Walker Virus. Can you figure ou the other two? Who said Dy-No-Mite and/or who is Cordell Walker?

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