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Common Everyday Objects

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Common Everyday Objects
BW Common Objects

I wanted to manipulate the colors of my fish Walle in such a way that it almost looked abstract. I thought it was beautiful the way he came out as a silhouette and the colors really popped. Then I also did a black and white effect, because if you havn’t noticed throughout my blog I love the black and white effect.

For this assigment I picked a simple picture that I have always loved with lots of color. I then opened it in windows photo viewer (judt double click photo) then pressed the open tab to Windows Live Photo Gallery and pressed fixed. From there I messed with color temperature, tint, saturation, contrast and brightness. I love saturation so I always go as high as I can go on that and viola! you have created you own creative masterpiece!!
Upload the picture to your media library and insert into your post.

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