1. Sarah Parlett

    Final Project Post


    Fitness Followers

    My final project was all about fitness and health. One of the biggest parts of my life has been exercise, eating healthy and living healthy ever since my mom introduced me to a gym membership in middle school. Some people’s lives change when something tragic happens or a …

  2. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers ( This isn’t the End)


    This was fun, and i hope you learned enough from me to want to continue on a healthy path. I know many may not find the dedication that i have to do it as religiously but that’s is completely fine!! If you just started to intense you would end much …

  3. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers


    I know this is coming to an end here shortly for all my fitness followers so i wanted to give you a couple more ways of staying with it when im not here to hand you work outs and resources.

    You are already aware of many different sites online such …

  4. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers (P90X It!)


    I cant believe i have strayed from talking about this before but one of the true loves of my life have been the workouts of Tony Horton and his series P90X! I should be a spokes person for this man because i can rant and rave about his amazing workouts …

  5. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers (For my Snackers!)


    I can totally relate to those of you who have to have there snacks. I feel like im hungry every two hours and i need a little something to keep me going. Dont feel bad, if your hungry then eat! Here are a few healthier choices you can grab that …

  6. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers


    Choose 5 exercise from the list below, perform the first one for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Rest for 3o seconds and more to second exercise and perform that one for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Rest for 30 seconds and so forth. Once you’ve finished all five exercise you …

  7. Sarah Parlett

    Daily Create 4/16/12 – 4/18/12


    One minute video: you talking excitedly about any online tool. Use a metaphore.

    It’s the 100th Daily Create- Create a photo representing this number

    What better way to represent Ds106 then Pockey Bear and Working out my final project. Tim told me i should have just taken a picture of …

  8. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers


    Another very important factor you must add to your excercise is the right diet to go with it. Now that you have been working your body harder your going to want and have to eat more. Thats totally fine but make sure your fueling your body with the right things.…

  9. Sarah Parlett

    Fitness Followers (6 Week Program)



    Push up Burnouts (as many as you can)
    4 sets
    Circle Chest Flyes (lying down, back on bench) 20lbs
    10 reps for 4 sets
    Rest of the day Core excercises

    Friday: Day Off!!!!

    How do you feel?
    I know this routine can be kind of tough but keep with …

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