Fitness Followers (6 week program)

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So my whole interest in fitness came from my mom orginally and of course when i go home this weekend she has tons of new excersies that kick my butt, so i am going to now share them with you so we can kick yours. Now i realize many of these my be a little rough but do what you can and lower the weights if needed. This is really good to shock your body with things your not used to because it helps with the building the muscle and burning the fat process. I am really excited for these because they are awesome! I am still sore from yesterday :]
Monday through Thursday for the next 6 weeks this is an amazing workout you can try then after 6 weeks of this we should switch to the more intense versino. That way your body will nver reach a platue and you will see amazing results. So every day for the next week i will gice you the excersises i want you to try for the next six weeks so stay posted, then i will post the more intense stuff. Remeber dropping the weight is not a bad thing and when later on down the road you feel its to easy you need to increase that weight for results.


Squate Drop Sets: 80lbs, 70lbs, 60lbs without rest (so do 10 reps with 80, then 10 with 7o and so on no rest in between)
10 reps per weight for 4 sets

Leg Extension Drop Sets: 60lbs, 40lbs, 20lbs
10 reps per leg for 4 sets

Cross Step-ups on a Bench: 20 reps per leg for 4 sets

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