Fitness Followers (For my Snackers!)

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I can totally relate to those of you who have to have there snacks. I feel like im hungry every two hours and i need a little something to keep me going. Dont feel bad, if your hungry then eat! Here are a few healthier choices you can grab that wont give you the regret afterwords and allow you to cut your craving.

1. granola bars
2. frozen peas or carrots (any frozen veggies can be a fresh and yummy treat i usually snack on raw peppers yuuum)
3. yogurt (This is my go to snack you can never go wrong with something thats healthy and taste good)
4. mixed nuts
5. fruit (before 4 o clock)
6. oatmeal (very healthy, my go to breakfast with eggs)

these are just some of my favorites but there are planty more. So dont be scared to eat or snack most people do especially me! and of course DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE!!!!!!

shes got the right idea

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