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Catching up on all manner of lateness

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While I continue to limp my way along this whole process, I have failed to actually update or post things  in anything even remotely resembling a timely manner.  For the sake of efficiency, here are a few things should probably have been on here days or even weeks ago, all in one convenient superpost.

First up is The Daily Create 17 – Talking about my keys seemed like an easy enough assignment. ¬†Honestly, I remember having way more junk on my keychain. ¬†Apparently there was a culling that I don’t remember. ¬†There’s really only one interesting item on there.

“What is this daily create thing you’re doing?” you ask! ¬†Well, maybe you ask. ¬†Probably not, because I can’t really imagine that someone not connected with ds106¬†would bother to even visit this Glob. ¬†But if you do, because you aren’t but you’re here, check that link. ¬†It will reveal all.


Daily Create 19 – The lamest joke ever. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Start lowering your expectations now. ¬†Maybe have something legitimately funny on standby, to watch immediately following this. ¬†I’d link a suggestion or two, but I can’t, for the same reason I couldn’t tell my first choice joke. ¬†My sense of humor tends to run a little blue. ¬†Also, my best joke necessitates mimicking a Scottish (Scotch? ¬†Scotts?) accent, which I am able to do only some of the time. ¬†The rest of the time it oscillates between an Irish accent and a Sean Connery impershonation. ¬†Alright, enough stalling. ¬†This is a completely different joke that involves only horse and dog accents. ¬†Watch this garbage.


Groan! That was terrible.  I apologize, really.  And what was going on with my eyebrows?!  Anyone else notice that?  I probably should have done more than one take.


The Daily Create 22 – Take a picture of two related objects of drastically different sizes



I have many knives and I have many swords. ¬†That’s not weird. ¬†I’M NORMAL!



This has nothing to do with the daily create stuff.  It just seemed the most appropriate thing to follow my declaration of normalcy.


The Daily Create 26 – Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day you’re having.


I only got foot, instead of feet. ¬†None of the shots with both feet so clearly displayed that yes, I am, in fact, being bitten. ¬†I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for the whole one foot thing, because this picture is freakin’ adorable.


So, with the backlogged daily creates posted, there are still some other things to do that should already be done. ¬†Look forward to that. ¬†Or don’t, I guess. ¬†I mean, I won’t be able to tell if you do or not. ¬†Just go with what comes naturally. ¬†Trust your instincts. ¬†However, even if you meet my promise of more globulation with utter indifference, be sure to at least tell me you’d been waiting with bated breath. ¬†My ego is fragile, after all.

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