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Daily Create: 2 Weeks In

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Here’s my recap of what I’ve done from February 3rd until up to the 15th:

  • Feb 3rd: Recorded the relaxing sounds of my fish tank.
  • Feb 4th: A picture of my shoes (red) with my boyfriend’s.  I was pretty tired, but had to go to a party in Ginza after work so we were waiting for a train on the Hibiya line.
  • Feb 5th: I chose to take a picture of the loud washing machine right outside my bedroom door :(
  • Feb 6th: Not often seen upside down? How about a traffic mirror.
  • Feb 7th: Ode to Joy‘ ringtone inspired by Peggle
  • Feb 8th: A place where I lose things… the fish tank in which my two salamanders died :'(
  • Feb 9th: One of the most memorable parts of my life in Osaka, when my host parents took me to Seoul
  • Feb 11th: This tiger confused me because it was a whopping 60,000yen.  And it’s a stuffed animal.

That’s it so far :)   Looking forward to doing more!

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