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  1. Paul

    Getting Started with

    WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms on the web right now.  It's an open-source blogging software that can be installed on a server OR used through the site  Today I'd like to show you the latter and give some tips on how to get your blog off the ground. When you first ...
  2. Paul

    Bryan Alexander; 2022: My Thoughts

    First of all, I'd like to say that I found Alexander's lecture to be very interesting and I watched the entire video.  Starting out, I didn't think that I would enjoy it, nor did I belive I'd watch the whole thing. The shaggy hair and unkept beard didn't do a lot for me when I ...
  3. Paul

    Comments for Kids

    This section has focused on the future of learning, and with that in mind I tried to pick out an appropriate DS106 assignment.  Right away I saw "Comments for Kids" and knew it was perfect. After reading the Gardner Campbell article (and responding) I felt like this fit very much with what he was saying... ...
  4. Paul

    “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” – My Response

    In Gardner Campbell's piece "A Personal Cyberinfrastructure", he discusses the future that he envisions for students to truly embrace the digital age. There are some parts of it that parallel the work we do in this class, primarily regarding the idea of giving each student a web server in which to "carve out" their own ...
  5. Paul

    A Stick Figure Hitches a Ride

    I saw the assignment Stick Figures And Sticky Situations and thought it'd be a humorous project to tackle First, I had to find a photograph.  My iPhone is currently full of them because I usually don't take the time to download them to my PC unless space gets really tight. Because of that, I had this ...
  6. Paul

    Copyrights, Righted

    I chose an article by the Washington Post to base my presentation on for the topic "Copyrights and Wrongs". It was an interesting piece that proposed 5 ideas for fixing US copyright laws in light of the SOPA bill that was proposed and later struck down. Right now copyright laws in the US are very ...
  7. Paul

    Word Play

    After seeing Yue's creative "Fish" entry for the DS106 Word assignment, I decided I wanted to give it a try too. At first I wanted to 'Tangerine' with the 'T' as a stem and the rest of the word circling it, but sadly it looked too much like a melon. I then tried 'Temple' and ...
  8. Paul

    The Presentations Thus Far

    Thank you scottloradio for releasing this picture under Creative Commons! Not only do I get to use it (because I have no photos that fit with the presentations), but it also goes with my 'Copyright and Wrong' topic that I'll be doing tomorrow The presentations have been really great judging by the ones I've had ...
  9. Paul

    I hate rain

    Really getting tired of rainy Tokyo days.  Minnesota definitely has its fair share of thunderstorms, but not the frequent drizzle that hits Japan. Luckily the shoes I bought keep my feet dry, but previously my old worn out shoes would just soak in any puddles I happened to step in and I'd wind up with ...
  10. Paul

    Debian: An Examination of its Web Presence 1997 – 2012

    Assignment: Entitled 'Way Back Time Machine' (ds106), it tasks students with looking up their favorite websites and seeing how they've changed from the earlier years of the internet using the tool of the same name, Way Back Time Machine (tool). Initially I didn't know what website I would choose. Some of the websites I wanted ...
  11. Paul

    Working with Prezi

    I'll admit, I held off on writing this blog until it was the new section started. Working with my group was great, I think we chose a decent and relevant topic (Twitter) and everyone contributed equally without having to be yelled at.  And Gabby didn't complain too much The only thing that didn't go smoothly ...
  12. Paul

    Wiggle Stereoscopy: Valentine’s Edition

    Assignment: I chose to do the "Wiggle Stereoscopy" assignment.  It's a pretty fun assignment that mixes photography and GIF creation.  You need to take two photos from very similar angles and then combine them into a single GIF. Process: After taking the pictures with the app 'Stereogram' on my iPhone I emailed myself the picture ...
  13. Paul

    The State of the ‘Net: SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge component of how websites run now.  It is something that became prevalent after search engines started popping up on the internet and indexing sites.  Essentially, SEO-tuned websites will hypothetically show up higher on Google/Bing/Yahoo's search results because they've made specific changes or additions in order to accommodate how ...
  14. Paul

    Your Dreams out the Windows

    Assignment: For the assignment "Your Dreams Out the Windows" we were tasked with making some sort of "dream" or daydream visible through a window. Process: Popped open GIMP and edited the photo I took of a computer in our lab.  Went on to edit a picture I found of a praying mantis (CC) into the ...
  15. Paul

    Random Stereogram

    After Ken went to the Tokyo Pokemon Center, Danny and I decided to go as well! Ended up buying a keitai strap with this cute little bug/grass creature.  Bored in computer lab so I decided to make a stereogram.  If I were to do it again I think I'd make the shift more subtle and ...
  16. Paul

    Daily Create: 2 Weeks In

    Here's my recap of what I've done from February 3rd until up to the 15th: Feb 3rd: Recorded the relaxing sounds of my fish tank. Feb 4th: A picture of my shoes (red) with my boyfriend's.  I was pretty tired, but had to go to a party in Ginza after work so we were waiting for ...
  17. Paul


    That's what ¥5,000 of sushi looks like haha. I was a little surprised when the bill came out so high. Was very delicious though Had tuna, shrimp, squid, tuna salad, weird fish sushi, and tried some fresh (non-dried) seaweed. And luckily, I didn't have to foot the bill haha Hope everyone's enjoying their Monday off ...
  18. Paul

    Infographix: A Deeper Look

    Infographics have become popular on the internet as a new way to present data in a more engaging way than a simple spreadsheet. They usually are huge vertical images with plenty of statistics and charts that present data in vibrant colors and interesting typography. Our group, lucky number 7, is working on an infographic from ...
  19. Paul

    Lockman vs TUJournal: Battle for Twitter Supremacy

    Saw a link to this tool while reading an SEO blog. It allows you to compare twitter accounts and statistics, so I had to give it a spin.  What better person to do a 'Twitter Face-Off' with than Professor Lockman?! Obviously I was trumped in tweets, followers and followees I'm a little interested in how it pegged ...
  20. Paul

    Users: Your Website’s Most Valuable Resource

    I personally don't like the phrase "Web 2.0". It has some great meaning behind it, as outlined in our reading from Tim O'Reilly, but ultimately ended up as just a marketing buzzword. Other words have become simple marketing tools as well, 'social' for example. An app that lets me drop pins on a map to ...
  21. Paul

    L.A. Fashion Week’s newest release

    Assignment: After seeing this done many times, I finally decided to give the project "An Album Cover" a go.  Very interesting concept that has you taking a band name, album title, and cover image all from random sources and putting them together in your own way. Assignment could've benefited from a more creative name though ...
  22. Paul

    Daily Create: February 1 & 2

    Feb 1st: Take a picture of something in motion. This is a light that marks a sign-less four way intersection near my house. I always think these spinning lights are pretty cool and the fact that they're solar powered makes them even cooler Feb 2nd: Creative photo silhouette. Took a picture of some interesting trees at a ...
  23. Paul

    Teaching English in Japan

    One of my students left to go to an international elementary school, but gave me this card When I came to Japan my goal was to be taught, not to teach. I wanted the chance to live in Japan again and to finish college, so I decided to transfer to Temple University, Japan Campus in ...
  24. Paul

    The Pop Culture .GIF

    Assignment: For 'Pop Culture .GIF' we have to make an animated .gif relating to popular culture (ie: music video, movie, tv show, celebrity, etc). I chose a scene from Manila Luzon's Hot Couture video. Process: I took screencaps of what I needed from Manila Luzon's music video (7 total) and combined them in GIMP.  I ...
  25. Paul

    The Onigiri Easter Egg

    Assignment: The assignment for this DS106 project, Common everyday object, is very simple; "Take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors". Process: I used a photo I took near my work, a lonely onigiri stranded on a pedestrian crossing button, and manipulated the colors on it. After opening it in ...
  26. Paul

    Stupid Hoes is My Enemy, Stupid Hoes is so Whack

    I saw how much fun Professor Lockman had with his gifs so it inspired me to cook something up as well. I love Nicki Minaj, so I took a few stills from her newest video on YouTube (Stupid Hoe, the blog title is lyrics from the song) and combined them in GIMP.  I've done animated ...
  27. Paul

    I was about to look into foot binding…

    ...because it's annoyingly hard to find 30cm shoes in Japan. The only brand I've seen that has them regularly stocked at common chain stores (such as ABC Mart) is Converse. While I appreciate them, and like the style, they're not comfortable for the amount of walking I do and make my feet sore.  Nonetheless, I've ...
  28. Paul

    Google: A Looming Evil?

    Google may have originated as a search engine, but with the release of GMail, Reader, Youtube, Wallet, Google+, Android, Chrome, and other prolific software and services have made it into the internet giant that it is today. Even in my day to day life I use Google services more than anything else.  My news is ...
  29. Paul

    Ted Nelson He Did More Than Share a Patty

    Assignment: DS106 listed a "Patty Pioneers" assignment that required students to place a fast food item in the hands of a computer pioneer. The Process: I used GIMP to combine two pictures, one of Ted Nelson (original here, by Mark Bernstein) and one of a burger (original here, Le Parker Meridien Hotel's Burger Joint). After ...
  30. Paul

    Triple Troll Quote: A Fox News Tribute

    Assignment: The "Triple Troll Quote" is a simple assignment that pairs three figures; one of which is pictured, one of which is quoted, and one of which whose name is used as the quote attribute. I chose Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden, respectively. (Troll Quotes @ DS106) Process: Using GIMP the image ...

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